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Agam (3 of 13) (Custom)
Agam (1 of 13) (Custom) Agam (2 of 13) (Custom) Agam (5 of 13) (Custom) Agam (6 of 13) (Custom)

Yaacov Agam – Fusion Suite – 5 serigraph album



Edition of 200




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A true collector’s piece,

All 5 numbered 9/100 РAlbum has no cover.

Each original serigraph image is signed and numbered in pencil. The serigraphs are printed on heavy rag paper which appears to have a slight wax finish protecting its clean white margins. The paper has a quality the feel of a light cardboard. The nature of the paper makes the prints suitable for floating or matting in a traditional frame, or box. The Fusion Suite is particularly interesting because it’s combined major pieces (imagined superimposed on each other) aesthetically complete the visual aesthetic – an artwork simultaneously kinetic and static, the synthesis of Agam’s kinetic theory.

These serigraphs are based on the concept of Agam’s contrapuntal paintings, and are classical representations of Agam’s life work. They demonstrate the concepts of the innovative critical language Agam’s work brought to the art world, illustrating the changing nature of the universe, based on an appreciation and understanding of motion and harmony. A viewer, looking Agam’s work from different angles, can identify any number of concurrent visual designs. Art is virtually created by the viewer’s eye as it moves across the page. The concept is an art work’s “constant becoming.”




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